Management Contract

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Management Contract

This is a copy of our terms and conditions for property management you will be sent a copy by email after we have processed your aplication you then sign and return to complete the agreement.

CADIZ 11130

Property Rental Agreement

This Rental Agreement (hereinafter "the Agreement") is entered into on the __________ of ______________2021 by Costa Luz Holiday Villas (hereinafter "the Company"), The Posthouse, Buzon 37, Apartaclub 5, La Barrosa, Chiclana de la Frontera, 11130 Cádiz and __________________ of __________________ hereinafter "the Owner(s)". The address and location of the property to be managed is
____________________________________ and the Owners declare that they are full owners of the property or that they have authority from the Owners to enter into an agreement of this kind.

Terms of Agreement

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement , the term of this agreement will be 1 year from the date of signing and will automatically renew annually. Either party may choose not to renew and must provide the other with written notice of this intent no later than SIXTY days prior to the renewal date.
Registered mail to the above address must be used to send such notice.

All rental bookings organised through the Company will have a proper contrract and we will deal with all the relevant paperwork and payments of monies.

Owners should provide a full inventory for the property to the Company. If the Owner(s) wish the Company to prepare this inventory there will be a charge of 50 euros. This inventory will be visually checked by the Company at the beginning of the rental season.

Meet and Greet
If the Owner(s) organise a rental and opt for the Company's Meet and Greet service and exit check, this will be charged at 20 euros per entry and exit .. Owners are requested to impress on the clients that it is vital that they follow instructions carefully and advise the Company of any delays to avoid running up unnecessarily large bills.

The Company will act as keyholders and attend any emergency callouts. Such callouts will be charged at 15 euros per hour between 0900 and 1900 and at 30 euros per hour between 1900 and 0900. Similarly if the Owner(s) wish the Company to attend at the property to open up for tradesmen, deliveries, etc, this will be charged at 20 euros per hour between 0900 and 1900 and at 30 euros per hour between 1900 and 0900.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance
The Company will make a charge per year for cleaning and maintenance of your pool plus the cost of any chemicals, etc. supplied. This charge will be agreed at the signing of this contract. This involves attending to the pool a minimum of twice a week or as necessary in summer and as often as necessary in winter. Chlorine and Ph levels will be checked, filters will be checked, skimmer baskets emptied and pool will be brushed and vacuumed as necessary. If additional callouts are required because of unreasonable contamination (e.g. excessive suntan lotion caused by users not showering before use, coins or other objects being dropped in pool), these will be charged at 20 euros per hour. The Company will not be liable for loss of rental earnings or loss of use of pool through equipment failure, vandalism, incorrect use of pool, act of god or force majeure.

Cleaning and Laundry
Washing is done by our own laundry service and we are not liable for any damage caused or any stains (e.g. suntan lotion, ink stains, etc) not removed by this standard wash. A minimum of two sets of laundry should be accessible for the ease of same day changeovers. If the rental period exceeds one week then a change of SHEETS ONLY will be supplied to the guests at the end of the first week at an additional charge of 10 euros per head. At the beginning of the rental season we advise a complete clean inside and out, top to bottom. This would be charged at 10 Euros per hour. We then charge 10 euros per hour between each rental to make sure it is ready before the next client arrives. Laundry of linen and towels is charged at 10 euros per person and the Company will make sure there are fresh sheets, towels, bathmats and tea towels for each guest. If your guests request an additional clean during their stay, this will be charged at 10 euros per hour and will be charged to the guests.

Independent Tradesmen
No responsibility is accepted for any failings, loss of items, etc. whatsoever if other people have keys or access to the property, for example, if you employe a separate gardener who contaminates the pool with grass cuttings, cleaning of this will be treated as beyond the scope of our contract. Similarly if you employ an outside cleaner and the property is not left to our usual standards of cleanliness, we reserve the right to charge for additional cleaning.

Welcome Packs
Have been found to be appreciated by clients. You can choose anywhere between 10-20 euros and a list can then be prepared.

Tax Issues
It is YOUR responsibility to take care of all tax liabilities. Unless you advise otherwise we will assume that you are declaring your income to the UK tax authorities and therefore we will not retain any tax for the Spanish authorities. All money, deposits etc. taken through the Company’s bank account or Visa terminal have to be accounted for and we will expect you to sign a receipt for such sums.

Liability Issues and Insurance.
It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have insurance cover for any third party liability claims.

Directory & Other Requirements
Under the new Andalucian Rental Laws, it is important to prepare a comprehensive directory to your home for the use of the guests to include all safety warnings, instructions for use of the appliances, local amenities, emergency numbers, etc. IT is always better if you prepare this yourselves as it gives a more personal fee to the rental (and also you probably know the property and equipment better than us) but we are happy to supply details of local amenities, emergency numbers etc. free of charge. It is now required that a medical kit, fire extinguisher and sign, VTR plaque, complaints book and sign, agua no potable sign, rental price list and scan check are provided for each rental. For preparing all of this we will charge ____________ and if you wish for us to provide the directory for the property this will be an additional charge of ___________.
Electricity, Gas and Water

All properties must be connected to a legal electricity supply. Given the unstable nature of the supply in this area, we also strongly advise the fitting of surge protection units, either to the main circuit board or to individual plug sockets. An annual electrical check at the beginning of the season is also advisable.
For any bookings not made through the Company, please ensure (if relevant) that you explain to your guests that the property is on well water and has a septic tank. If there are any problems including but not limited to, lack of water, unreliable pump, poor water pressure, etc. please make sure that the Company and the client are informed in advance. You should also make sure that since the new installation of SMART meters, you have sufficient potencia for the amount of guests that will be using your property. We can arrange this for you if you need to get the potencia upgraded.

Rental Agreement
If we rent the property for you, our charge will be 13.5% of the rental price and for this we will advertise your property on our website and other free websites.
All bookings made through the company will have a proper contract and we will deal with all the relevant paperwork and payment of money.

Force Majeure
The Company accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of loss / damage / cancellation or changes caused by force majeure events (e.g. strikes, flood, fire, airport closures etc.) or any other event beyond our control.

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